Success Stories

Lola and Peaches were our longest residents until January 5th, when they each went to their furever homes. These wonderful felines had been here for eight months. Peaches arrived with four babies in May. She had been a known stray for three years. When she arrived, she was just as sweet as she is today. All of her babies went to homes and she waited patiently until the right family found her; or Peaches found the right family.

Peaches did not know she was going to meet her new family the day they came in. The couple were looking at all of the cats and Peaches stuck her paw out of the cage and tapped her new mom’s shoulder. They loved her that day forward until they adopted her into their lives. Lola had been a baby here at the shelter and got adopted out. She returned to us three years later with two of her babies also in May. The babies got adopted out as well while Lola stayed with us until one of our volunteers fell in love with her. She knew that her parents would love her just as much. The family came in and they had to take Lola home. We are so thankful Lola and Peaches have the opportunity to live in a house with a loving family.

Freddie, Leo and Monty are three crazy cats. They each came in with a sibling. The siblings got adopted out and these boys remained at the shelter in our sick room because they had poor stool. Months and months went by of trying new medication and food. They did not get better. Because they were so sick, they could no longer be at the shelter in fear of the illnesses spreading to other felines. Our animal caregiver, Jenna Richardson, took these three felines home, each a couple months apart, to rehabilitate them in hopes that they would overcome their illnesses. Freddie, now Rambo, was the first to go home. It did not take 24 hours for him to have a perfect stool. He flourished. He now weighs 9 pounds and is a big healthy boy. Leo went home two months later and also became very healthy. These 6 month old cats finally had a stress free environment where they could play and run at their will. Monty, now Tekk, went home another two months after Leo. He is doing better than he did at the shelter but he still has many improvements. Shelters do not feel like home and these cats are number one examples of how stress effects their body and immune systems in shelter settings.


Nero is a beautiful Husky. His eyes are icy blue and he instantly melted everyone’s heart while here at the Humane Society for three months. A dog with his beauty surely should have been adopted quicker than three months. Unfortunately, Nero could not go to a loving home right away because he was abused. Nero was chained and bolted, with little slack, to a pole in his owner’s garage. He had no food or water. The neighbors had not seen the owner for a few days. Once authority was contacted, they went to the property and seized Nero. He was in bad shape. He was thinner than a dog his size should have been. He had chunks gone out of the tips of his ears from the flies eating away at his flesh. He was a rambunctious mess. He went to the vet to get assessed ensuring that he would be okay. His ears healed, his weight was right, he was getting attention and love and he was doing wonderfully. The wait was the hardest. It took three months for the court to make a decision whether we could adopt Nero out. The day finally came that we could. Nero went to a wonderful home with a young boy that would play and love him. He was finally able to get the positive interaction that he needed and longed for.

Toby is a terrier mix around 8 years old. He is completely blind. Toby has unconditional love and forgiveness. He hadn’t had the greatest life before he came to us. We got numerous calls from Iosco county residents concerning an abandoned dog in their apartment building; the abandonment was a full 7 days. We finally got Toby to our facility on June 9th, 2015. The sheriff had found him on the side of the road where his previous owners had dumped him, left for dead. We could not even see his eyes because his hair was so long and matted. The mats made it hard for Toby to walk and move around because they were so severe and close to his skin. He was filthy and not as healthy as he could have been. Toby was immediately pampered. He got a bath, haircut, and all the love he had been missing. Toby had many visitors but it was never the right match. He started becoming anxious; being in the shelter was starting to weigh on him and we could tell. He was less interested in going outside. He was less interested in eating his food. He was missing a safe home. Toby was a resident for 4 months before he got fostered out on October 6th, 2015. We received many updates on how well Toby was doing in their home and how fast he became familiar with his surroundings. His foster parents officially adopted Toby on November 12th, 2015. They love him unconditionally and say he is the greatest dog. He has touched our hearts and we are so thankful that he has a safe, healthy and loving home.