Success Stories

toby"Toby is a 7 year old Beagle that is so sweet and loving. Toby’s dad passed away and she was brought to our humane society along with her Basset Hound brother whom was in and out of the facility quickly. Toby is a wonderful girl but her heart was broken; she lost her human and her safe place. The Alcona Humane Society, though clean and welcoming, is a very stressful place for animals to have to adapt to. The barking dogs and many new faces make it difficult to relax and it takes time to fully adjust to the environment and trust staff. Toby was lonely after her Basset Hound brother left; we noticed she stopped eating as much and slept more and more. A daughter saw Toby on Facebook and contacted her parents right away. Her parents rescued older dogs. Even though Toby isn’t elderly, she needed a quick and loving home. Toby’s soon to be new siblings came to meet her and they all fell in love. Toby is doing wonderful in her new home and is quite active. This family was the perfect match for not only Toby, but Bear as bearwell. Not even a week later, Bear, a 15 year old Black Lab was surrendered to us. Bear had hearing and seeing problems but that didn’t stop him! He is extremely energetic and also fell in love quickly with Toby and his other dog siblings! The same family saw Bear on Facebook and just had to have him! They adopted Bear at our latest Bissell Empty the Shelters event! Many thanks and love!"